First Week of Pregnancy You Never Imagined Before

You must feel very curious, wonder, and a bit afraid of your first week of pregnancy. Several women might not realize that they are having pregnant at that time. In avoiding that, there are several things to know about what to expect the first week of pregnancy?, what happens in the first week of pregnancy? so that you can know and take very great preparations for your baby’s health.

First Week of Pregnancy You Might Do Not Realize

Most women do not realize that they are pregnant in their first week of pregnancy, especially those who are not planning a pregnancy. They might have a delayed menstruation that you think it just a delayed one. Symptoms like  tiredness, fatigue, loss of interest, and moody are the symptoms of the first week. You might think you are about to have a menstruation as if in common PMS, but it actually the earlier pregnancy.

The cycle of ovulation ends in three days. As the eggs leave ovary then go into the fallopian tube, in which they meet by sperms and are fertilized. Then fertilized egg comes to uterus where the implantation occurs. There has been common speculation that the fertilization happens in the second week of pregnancy, that is why many women do not realize their pregnancy.

During this initial week, many changes happen. Disgestive problems such as constipation, gas as well as nausea and the others signs including tender breast, fatigue, morning sickness, mood swing as well as hormonal changes can be felt by you in the first time during your pregnant until the second week.

Once the egg was fertilized, the cells start dividing around the following 7 – 10 days. This is the time your baby is named a blastocyte, a mass of 100 cm. Of this blastocyte, it can be broken into 2 parts. This external part is going to be the placenta, while the internal one is the embryo in your second week pregnancy. There will be a zygotes if egg is more being fertilized. This is where hair, sex, skin color, eye, height and personality os your baby come, from 46 chromosomes of both parents.

Tips You Have to Do

When you expect to be pregnant, you will be very glad to have your delayed menstruation, right?  During this, you have to monitor the morning body temperature, and you can see if it keeps being elevated beyond 16 days of the post ovulation. Then you will probably see the psychological signs in first week of pregnancy, like eating as well as physical habits are greatly changed.

If you have something to your health problem, that you are in any medication, ask the doctor if the medication still can be good during the pregnancy or not. If the doctor says it’s not good, then just quit. If you are not strong enough during the pregnancy, you should start consuming vitamins and minerals like folic acid for helping you to conceive quicker during your first week of pregnancy.

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