Earliest Pregnancy Symptoms Moms Should Know

Countless women are restless to figure out whether or not they get pregnant as many of them do not really understand the earliest pregnancy symptoms. Some married women have to pass their month by waiting their period and figuring out whether or not the pregnancy will show positive result. In some cases, some pregnant women do not recognize their pregnancy earlier. It is caused by minimum knowledge of early pregnancy symptoms acquired by those women. To avoid the case, it is better to enrich your knowledge about pregnant symptoms, especially in the early stage. Learn more about the symptoms here.

Earliest Pregnancy Symptoms Mothers Usually Get

Are you still afraid to do earliest pregnancy test to figure out your pregnancy? Well, it is common that women are afraid to do early pregnancy test as they do not want to see the dissatisfaction result. How could you know without doing the test? If you do not really want to do the pregnancy test, you better recognize the pregnancy symptoms. Some early symptoms are less recognizable as it seems like common cold symptoms. However, there are several precise symptoms to sign that you are pregnant at that time. Morning sickness and abnormal period are two exact pregnancy symptoms.

To make it clearer, let’s reveal the earliest pregnancy symptoms one by one, started with the morning sickness. Does nausea always come to you every morning? When you feel a nauseous belly, it can be a sign that you are pregnant. In some cases, mothers feel nausea all day long which makes early period of pregnancy becomes frustrating. Morning sickness usually comes to pregnant mom one to two weeks after the egg and sperm unite. It becomes the earliest symptoms of pregnancy. To relieve the morning sickness, taking some ginger or peppermint tea as well as saltine crackers may help.

The second symptom of early pregnancy is you missed your monthly period. Some women’s period usually arrive every 28 days. Once you are pregnant, your period will not come to you. The missed period becomes the most common earliest pregnancy symptoms which almost all women know. However, some women experience light bleeding on their vagina in their early pregnancy. It sometimes makes them confuse whether or not it is their monthly period. Therefore, some of them do not recognize that they are pregnant at that time, until they get the other pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness and abdominal pain.

At the later stage of pregnancy, women usually feel breast sore. This symptom is usually unrecognizable as many women get the same boob sore during their period. And the other annoying symptom of pregnancy is the mood swings. Yes, the pregnant women have unexplained mood swings that make them throw their tantrum without any reason. It is caused by the hormonal changes on their body which triggers the secretion of adrenalin. Day by day, the symptoms of pregnancy will be more recognizable as the baby bump that comes to be visible. So, have you already got those earliest pregnancy symptoms?

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